Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Emergence of Glacier Oaks Nursery

Glacier Oaks Nursery is a venture around the plants that Propagator and proprietor of Glacier Oaks, Mary T. McClelland, has been propagating and perfecting for many years. Mary T. McClelland moved from the glacial mountains of northwest Montana to the glacial moraines of northern Illinois with a biology background and a passion for trees. Intrigued by the native oak groves dotting the rolling glacial moraines of the upper Midwest, she has been a partner in putting McHenry County Nursery on the map of fine field nurseries. Like the glacial soils of northern Illinois giving rise to the carved savannas, Glacier Oaks Nursery is a natural progression of practicing propagation and horticulture for the last twenty-five years. We’ve learned from the land and the plants and now produce more than 350 species of hardy woody plants. With a passion for growing, we put this experience to work for our customers.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Welcome to the new Glacier Oaks Nursery Blog.