Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Favorite Shrub- Corylus americana

American Filbert or Hazelnut

Every season brings something new with this Native Shrub.
In spring I can't help petting the cute fuzzy pinkish new stems and leaves.
In summer I marvel at the clean green leaves.
In late summer to fall I watch the hazelnuts emerge in their pale frilly coats dry and turn into an edible nut.
In fall the colors are astounding ranging from soft pastel yellow, orange and pink, to bright and bold shades of gold, tangerine, and cherry red.

Beyond beauty, this shrub is useful for many sites and tolerates urban conditions.

We have Corylus in 24in/#5 and 30-36in/#7, give us a call or email if we can help you find some!

My Favorite Shrub

Recently we were asked 'What is your favorite shrub?' and had to come up with an answer on the spot. This question opened the floodgates, and out poured not one favorite, but a whole handful of contenders. We realized that they were all shrubs native to this area or selections of natives. We may be biased in that natives are much of what we grow, and there certainly are many spectacular non-natives and cultivars, but for us, nothing compares to the wonder of a healthy plant in its natural state.
So, we would like to share with you our experiences with our favorite shrubs, and hope you come to love our 'old friends' as much as we do.